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Our Process

GoldStar Window sets itself apart from other companies by our attention to detail. Below you can learn more about our step-by-step process and what it means to install windows the "GoldStar Way".

These windows and doors installed are only of the highest quality and add aesthetic elegance to your home. Due to the harsh climate in the Toronto are, the need to offer energy efficient window technology will ensure you maximise savings on your energy bill by reducing heat loss.

Our Team

You know with GoldStar Window that you can rest assured that we’re putting a professional, well-trained crew onsite. We employ only trained and certified window installation masters. That training covers installation methods and best practices as well as job site safety, protection of homeowner property, proper material selection, product care, adjustment and cleaning and quality control.


A certified installer will visit your home to measure the windows frame area exactly so every single window can be custom built to 1/8th inch to ensure that they fit perfectly. Your windows will then be custom made at the factory.


As soon as the windows are ready to be installed, we will check them throughly to ensure they meet our vigourus quality standards.

Window Removal

We will remove your old window frame and build a new frame for the window to be placed in. This is the most secure way to install a new window.


We seal from any unwanted moisture and water that could cause serious damage to your home and your health in later years. To ensure that your new windows will never leak, we use only 100% silicone to seal your new windows, rather than the cheaper latex caulk used by so many other companies.


If you have a stucco exterior, we willfold back the chicken wire and re-secure it to the house. We’ll then tape off all your windows and cover them with plastic for protection as we repair the stucco. We’ll then apply a base coat and after that has dried, texture and finish coats are expertly applied so that when it is done it will match your existing stucco. If your home is wood, we will replace the wood trim and do a final exterior caulk of your new windows.